We changed our raw materials and the design of our Heritage line products. Now, we bring more practical and minimalist leather goods, produced from our 100% natural genuine Heritage leather.

With the pandemic preventing us from traveling around like before, we'll show you other ways you can enjoy your leather backpack on a daily basis

Have you always wanted to camp and see the stars, but don't know what to bring or how to prepare for it? Our Beatnik & Sons Guide brings you the top tips and suggestions for your next adventure.

Hey, Traveler. We are sure you know how to dress when going on that date, or to that important meeting, right? But what about the backpack? It sure...
Hey Traveler, we all agree that travelling is awesome, right? But when it comes to packing, it's a bit of a pain. But worry no more. Your problems ...
Hey Traveler, did you know that our products are all handcrafted? Beatnik & Sons was born from the third generation of leather craftsmen that d...

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