Cleaning and Care

Clean and care


Did your last adventure leave you needing to clean your Beatnik & Sons? We can help!

To clean your product, use 70% liquid alcohol. Always use microfiber cloths, which prevent scratches on the leather and don’t leave excess threads.

If you don't have alcohol and want to use another product, here are some other tips:

For leather, use detergents or neutral products with water. For light-colour pieces, such as our Tan and Sand colours, which may appear more dirty, it is possible to use coconut soap, which does not damage the leather or dye. The important thing is that you do not use any harsh products that contain ammonia or chlorine, for example.

At no time use products such as bleach or hydrogen peroxide on the leather. Although it can kill viruses, it damages the leather.

Do not apply the product directly to the material

Apply the alcohol to your microfiber cloth first. Then spread the product slowly and in a circular motion, taking care not to damage the bag. In the case of soap and water, use the same technique: wet the cloth, remove excess water and apply it gently. To remove the soap, use another dry microfiber cloth.

Attention to metals

Avoid wiping the wet cloth over metal parts, such as the buckles and zips of bags and backpacks. The wet metal can rust and leave a mark on the piece.

Switch between alcohol and soapy water

We recommend that the cleaning be alternated between alcohol and soap and water, since excess alcohol can damage the leather and leave it dry. Clean only when necessary, as frequent cleaning can damage the colour of the leather and cause it to lose its proper appearance.

And to dry?

The important thing in any method you use is to let the pieces dry out of the sun, as sunlight causes peeling of the leather. In addition, leaving the leather wet makes an environment conducive to fungi and bacteria, which hinders future cleaning and the durability of the piece. Plus, we don’t want any mold to develop, which is not good for your health!

Once dry, if you want to use leather moisturizers to maintain the shine of the pieces, feel free. In this case, use the same technique as the microfiber cloth to spread the moisturizer.

Use a damp microfiber cloth as well, and with delicate movements, wipe the fabric and leather to remove excess dirt. The important thing is that your Beatnik & Sons backpack is not placed under running water, dipped, or placed in the washing machine.

To dry, same advice as above: no sunlight, ok?

In case of stains on the fabric ...
... you can use our vacuum cleaner technique!

Here's the thing: take a cloth and moisten the canvas in the parts that are very dirty / stained. Put a little stain remover, rub it carefully and let it act for a few minutes. After that, get a vacuum cleaner and suck up the excess foam with it. This replaces washing with running water. When finished, just like in the other case, just let it dry naturally in a shady place.

And leather?
When cleaning leather, avoid any strong products as they can stain the backpack and can cause damage. Only use a damp cloth for cleaning the leather parts of your bag. If you have a product like shoemaker's wax to add shine, you can always use that.

If there are stains on the leather, please contact us before attempting any cleaning procedures:

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