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We are Beatnik & Sons

We are a Brazilian design company that produces backpacks, bags, and travel accessories made by adventurers for adventurers. We were born in Curitiba, Brazil, in 2001 by a third-generation leather artisan. Since then, we have been producing quality products with a dedication to superior design. Our style is contemporary and exclusive, made for those looking for versatile pieces with a refined finish. All of our products are produced in our studio in Brazil using only Brazilian raw materials. Our leather and canvas suppliers have more than 100 years of history in their fields.

Fair and sustainable production

Developing production and empowering the local economy is our commitment.
All of our production is done by Brazilian artisans, paid fairly, and working in appropriate conditions to apply their technical and artistic skills. There is no exploited labor involved in the production and creation of our products. We do this in order to respect the people who work with us, generating knowledge and value for our artisans.

“We believe that a fashion brand can grow ethically, respecting the people who are part of the production and creation, using the best type of material possible, such as our Heritage Leather, to ensure that your product lasts.”

Renan Molin, Founder

Today, we’re engaging in making sustainable products that will last longterm, and also have little impact on the environment. We are certified with the eureciclo label (which means “I recycle” in Portuguese) whose design solves two major problems: the final destination of packaging generated by companies, and the marginalization of agents in the recycling chain. This label is developed by New Hope Ecotech, a leading company in the solid waste management technology industry in Brazil.

Leftovers and smaller pieces of leather, fabrics, and trims have 90% reuse in smaller products, fillers, and support base for other Beatnik & Sons products.We are very committed to the cause, which caused us to change our main essential raw material. From 2020 onwards, we will be exclusively using our own Heritage Leather, a genuine natural leather tanned in an innovative process that is 100% free of chemicals and heavy metals. This more traditional production method provides a more natural appearance, with more vibrant and uniform colours, and especially more durability.

As we are always concerned with establishing fair remuneration to our artisans, we believe that the use of more sustainable and durable raw materials means more value to our products and to what our customers receive. The introduction of Heritage Leather in the manufacturing of our products respects strict environmental standards, such as the criteria used by the European Union. We believe sustainability means creating products that last longer, generating less waste, and less need for repurchase. This is why we take our Made-to-Last philosophy so seriously.


Our mission is to produce timeless backpacks, bags, luggage, and travel accessories with the utmost attention to detail, with materials that are made to last, from a 100% Brazilian production chain.


Our vision is to share the beauty and sustainability of handmade products, in an ethical and responsible production chain, showing that fashion, the environment, and manual work can exist in harmony.


Our values ​​are based on respect for the careful work of our artisans from Curitiba and southern Brazil, producing articles made to last on a responsible assembly line and with dignified remuneration. We prioritize customer satisfaction in delivering an ethical, long-lasting and quality product, offering a Beatnik & Sons experience of pre and post-purchase service and encouraging the explorer lifestyle of adventure.


This is our philosophy: we want your Beatnik to be your friend for life. That is why we are very careful with how we choose and use each of our raw materials.

Our pieces are entirely finished by hand and use 100% natural and genuine Heritage Leather, which is developed and produced for Beatnik & Sons. The fabric used in our pieces is waterproof and 50% recycled cotton Oxford. We believe in quality products that are Made-to-Last, and to ensure that your product lasts, we have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

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