Our story


We believe in the traveller.
That traveling changes people.
We believe in people who travel either physically or in their dreams.
Dreams of a better future. Dreams of a better world.
We believe in people more than we believe in fashion,
but we are sure that both can co-exist in harmony.
We believe backpacks have to be functional and look good at the same time. 
We believe in full grain leather, garnishes that last forever and long walks to find something new. To find change.
We believe that that backpack you carry has to carry your message to the world.
This is our process. This is what we believe in.

We are Beatnik & Sons. An ethical fashion brand designed by urban adventurers to urban adventurers and handcrafted by refugees and people of need, to ensure meaningful work and fair wages to help provide for the displaced families.

Bringing good to the world can only happen through amazing people. From the origin of our premium leather to the seamstress that signs every piece, there are people all along the value chain whose lives and communities are being impacted by the backpack industry. We’ve set out to meet these people, create dignity for their crafts, and let the world know about them.

The hybrid model of for-profit and non-profit work seems to be the secret blend that allows them to honor and empower people while striving for progress and transformation. It’s a model that many people have been encouraged by and many locals have been inspired by.

As of today, more than 44% of Beatnik & Sons revenue is re-invested in the value chain, either in form of wages that are far above the average or investing on education that assures the future of our industry. Through the NGO Afio, Beatnik & Sons is able to impact more and more people every day and spread its message of change, carried by everyone that uses our backpacks.

Join the movement. Carry the message today.