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Here at Beatnik & Sons, we cherish your privacy during your visit to our website! The personal data of each customer is private and only you can have access to change it. The data used by us is only to improve our services and offer a better quality shopping experience. We are committed to keeping your data safe and only accessible to Beatnik, and no other company, whether a partner or our suppliers, has access to this data.

Here we explain a little how it works and that is why we recommend careful reading. Let’s go!

Registration data

As we said before, the data collected is only intended for your shopping experience. We only have access to the registration on our website that contains the information for delivery of your order, but we do not have access to change it, and it is your responsibility to keep it up to date.

At no time will Beatnik & Sons change any customer registration data, only in cases where we are contacted for a change that may cause inconvenience with the purchase / delivery. Example: your address was wrong, but the purchase is already fulfilled in our warehouse.

Banking data

Beatnik & Sons uses the Shopify platform to process bank transactions, and we do not have access to your complete financial data. The company is informed when any transaction is of high risk and barred in our anti-fraud system.

We will ask for your bank details only in situations of refund of the purchase or in situations where payment is barred in anti-fraud (in this case, any document that proves your identity must also be sent). Outside of these cases, we will not ask for any information from you through the service platforms. We will always contact you via email, and you should alert us about any contact made from another social network in the name of Beatnik & Sons (

Data used for promotions

When shopping with us, we only determine which platform (website, Instagram, Facebook, Google), which product, and delivery destination. It is this data that we use to define future promotions, free shipping, or special conditions.

All of this data is stored confidentially on our website and only Beatnik & Sons employees have access.

Email marketing and newsletter

Email marketing with promotions and content are only sent to those who sign up for our newsletter. Registering on our website to make purchases does not put you on our mailing list for organic advertising.

However, by accepting cookies from the site, you may end up receiving advertisements paid for by Google or while browsing other sites. Likewise, by following us on social networks, such as Instagram and Facebook, you authorize the use of these platforms to direct our advertisements to your profile.

The email data in our newsletter is also stored confidentially. Beatnik & Sons may withdraw your email address from the newsletter if it is found that emails are not being opened or having little impact. Of course, you can always ask to remove your email from the list through our channels.

When you remove your email from our newsletter list, you will continue to receive emails only for purchases you make.

Facebook and Google ads

We have a team that works to produce and target ads on Facebook and Google. As we talked about above, the separation of customers happens mostly in geographic form (in which city, state, country you live) and in preferences for products (if you prefer a backpack or a handbag). Beatnik separates its ads in these ways and no other data is collected by us.

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