Warranty and Exchanges


When we call our bags “lifelong travel companions,” we mean it.

All of our backpacks, and handbags have lifetime warranty. We use the best raw materials in the manufacturing and finishing of our products, so that you don't face any problems with them. However, if you notice any problems, our warranty will cover any manufacturing defect for the rest of your life, or as long as you have the product with you.


Okay, but what does the warranty exclude?

Products that suffer any accident or that appear to have problems as a result of their misuse are not covered by the warranty. Stains from dirt or chemicals are not authorized by us, nor any product that damages the leather as well, such as scratches, scrapes, cuts, tears, burns or marks caused by exposure to water, constant humidity, or poor conservation.

Any changes made to parts such as disassembly or repairs are not authorized by Beatnik & Sons, and will void the warranty coverage. The natural wear of materials, such as changes in colour and texture with prolonged use, are not factors covered by the warranty but are natural features of a bag made with organic materials.

What if I need to activate my Warranty?

If you face any problem, contact us by email 

After receiving the product in our studio, we will have a period of 30 days to carry out the repair and / or exchange of the part. This period does not include the time for shipping.


What if I want to exchange?


For all our products, we explain in the description that variations in colour can happen. However, we understand that sometimes you may wish to exchange your product. The first exchange is always on us!

Customers have 30 days after the delivery to request the exchange via our email,

Send us a message there and, if you want, you may also send your feedback so that we can make sure there are no further problems. Of course, you can exchange for any product on the site. If there is a difference in price, the additional amount will be charged.

After the request, we’ll send the directions by email. We go on with the procedure only when the product arrives at our address, where we do the evaluation. Then, we send the new product to you.

We reserve the right to refuse products that have been used for a long time, washed or modified.


What if I buy and regret it?

The deadline for the return process is 7 (seven) working days from the delivery of your product. Get in touch with us by email, we will give you all the guidance on how to proceed. Returns are at no cost to the customer.

The refund can happen between 3 to 7 working days, depending on the form or of the bank transaction.

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