Beatnik & Sons Leather handbags Black the Kerouac bag
Beatnik & Sons Leather handbags the Kerouac bag
Beatnik & Sons Leather handbags the Kerouac bag
Beatnik & Sons Leather handbags Tan the Kerouac bag
Beatnik & Sons Leather handbags the Kerouac bag
Beatnik & Sons Leather handbags the Kerouac bag
Beatnik & Sons Leather handbags the Kerouac bag

the Kerouac bag

For those who carry the essentials
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Our unisex Kerouac bag is named after beatnik writer Jack Kerouac. It was designed to accompany you through the day in an elegant and compact way. With a minimalist design, it is perfect for those who carry what they need on their adventures. It is part of our Heritage line and is completely hand-stitched in Brazil using our exclusive Bioleather natural leather. In addition to being made by our artisans in a slow and fairway.


It is made of genuine Heritage Leather and of natural origin 100% free of chemicals and heavy metals in its production. It assures greater durability to the product, making its useful life longer than the average and avoiding the production of waste.


Sewn-in waterproof Oxford from 50% recycled cotton, more resistant, and protects everything inside.

Origin of the raw material

All raw material is Brazilian and comes from producers in the southern region of Brazil. Our suppliers are committed to the environment and they are socially conscious, just like us.

The Kerouac bag has a main pocket for your belongings and also has an external rear pocket for quick access for documents. You can take:

Cell phone;



One of our slim wallets (matches well);



The ticket to that cool show;

Genuine Bioleather.

Main pocket and outer pocket

Adjustable and detachable shoulder straps

Adjustable shoulder strap length: Smallest fit 100 cm and Largest fit 114 cm (3 extra intermediate adjustments)

Measurements: Height is 18 cm X 10.5 cm wide X 4 cm deep.

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What you can do with:

Sing at a karaoke in Tokyo, Invite your crush for a dating, Start a new hobby Take a last minute trip, Learn to parkour

BTW, who is Kerouac?

Jack Kerouac was an American novelist considered one of the fathers of the Beat movement during the 1950s. He became an underground celebrity and published pioneering artworks such as On the Road and The Dharma Bums. His legacy influenced many cultural icons in the 1950s and 1960s like Bob Dylan, and The Beatles.

why use?

Handmade finished

All of our products are finished by hand in our studio in Brazil. Our artisans have a space to develop their technical skills and all production is done ethically and fairly. By shopping with us, you contributed to support the work of small Brazilian producers and you value manual labor.

Lifetime warranty

Our backpacks are guaranteed for life. That's right. In case of defect or problems with your product, Beatnik & Sons will repair it for the rest of your life (or as long as you have the product). This is our differential compared to other brands, but also our commitment when we assume that the product is made to last.

Sustainable raw material

We are extremely strict with the raw material and always look for sustainable suppliers. Our Heritage Leather is a new technology that proves that being fashionable and being ecological at the same time is possible.

Heritage Leather

Heritage Leather is a genuine natural leather tanned on a innovative process that is 100% free of chemicals and heavy metals in its production.

That provides a more natural appearance, with more vibrant and uniform colors, and especially more durability.

As we are always concerned with establishing fair remuneration to our artisans, we believe that the use of more sustainable and durable raw materials mean more value to our products and to what our customers get. The introduction of Heritage Leather in the manufacturing of our products respects strict environmental standards, such as the criteria used by the European Union.

We believe sustainability is to produce products that last longer, generating less waste and less need for repurchase. This is why we take our Made to Last philosophy so seriously.

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