How to match a backpack to your outfit

Hey, Traveler. We are sure you know how to dress when going on that date, or to that important meeting, right? But what about the backpack? It sure cannot be left out. So we at Beatnik & Sons came up with some options that might fit your matching needs.

Pinterest recently released a survey based on their search behaviour, and when the search is fashion-related, 85% of the results shows that an ideal look always has a backpack or a leather handbag on it. In recent years backpacks have dominated the catwalks due to its practicality and comfort. But like any other fashion accessory, backpacks must be in harmony with the rest of your outfit.

The Beatnik & Sons backpacks come in different models and colours. Of course, there will be one perfect to match your look.

• BLACK: The black backpack, such as the Beatnik & Sons Terry backpack in black
Black is back. But it seems it has never left since it matches easily with any outfit. You can go risky in your look or not that the backpack will not interfere. It is ideal for more formal environments or occasions when you do not want to be in the center of attention.

• EARTHY TONES: Backpacks in earthy tones such as brown or beige. Like our Beatnik & Sons Henry in Tan.
It is also a neutral colour, but outfits using earthy toned backpacks show a slightly less formal presence and a light mood. Ideal for that meeting isn't it?

• BLUE: Eclectic and adventurous. Just like our Beatnik & Sons Terry in Navy. 
Blue and brown are a little more flashy. So bet on more basic looks and with fewer details to focus on the backpack. It is a perfect match for those Jeans pants that are waiting for your next adventure.   

• GRAY: Classy with a twist. Like the Beatnik & Sons Terry in Gray.
Bet on more cheerful colours if you choose the gray backpack, this will give balance as well as style. So feel free to risk even more on your outfit since a gray backpack will never get in your way.

For more colour combinations and outfits, feel free to check on our Instagram profile.

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