How to pack for your next trip

Hey Traveler, we all agree that travelling is awesome, right? But when it comes to packing, it's a bit of a pain. But worry no more. Your problems are over since we made a list of tips on how to pack your backpack to travel smart.

• The choice of luggage size
Separate everything you want to take, even if it's a short trip time, we always take a few more things, so check the number of items and evaluate which luggage is appropriate: small, medium or large, with wheels or without. Maybe a single backpack might do the job. It may seem like an obvious tip but it will help you not to stress when trying to shove it all in any way.

• Categorize, categorize and categorize
Check what items will be needed to each occasion during the trip. Will you go to work? Is it going to rain during your stay? Will you attend a formal event? These are some factors that should be analyzed to avoid an unnecessary and unplanned expense of having to buy something that you forgot to take with you.

• Should I fold or curl the clothes?
Curl it! This will save space, except for more bulky pieces like jackets and social shirts. Besides saving space you can see better what is in the bag. Another item that helps to organize things better are the luggage separators. A great way to organize everything and keep your underwear apart from your shoes.

• Hygiene kits
There is no need to carry the huge shampoo bottle on your trip. The best thing to do is to buy small containers and take samples of everything you need. From moisturizers to soaps, why carry more than needed or risk to have a shampoo leaking in the suitcase you can go smart about it?

• Take advantage of all the spaces. Even the smallest ones.
Every small space counts. Put your socks inside your shoes. Small accessories can go inside the socks and so on, use creativity to take full advantage of every space you can.

• Save some space for the way back
It is impossible to come back from a trip without buying some souvenirs, some extra clothes that you end up buying, or maybe something that you bought to someone. It is important to save some space for new things. With that, you end up avoiding to have to buy a second bag or having to pay for excess baggage.

The only thing you cannot forget is to take your Beatnik & Sons backpack with you. 

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