Why your backpack should be handcrafted

Hey Traveler, did you know that our products are all handcrafted? Beatnik & Sons was born from the third generation of leather craftsmen that decided to bring its family roots to the 21st century. The brand was created with a clear purpose: to deliver luxury-quality products at the right prices while delivering social impact, and keeping the manufacturing process as transparent as possible.

Due to the modernization, today it is getting harder to find handcraft products. Most of the fashion brands decide early on to manufacture their products overseas to get the lowest prices possible, and sometimes cheap has its price. When a brand works with handcrafted manufactured on a fairtrade cycle, the products become synonymous with quality since every backpack matters to the people that are putting their hand and their hearts on it. 

On the other side lies a much more conscious customer that is always in the search for premium produced products made from the best materials.  Beatnik & Sons and most of the handcrafted brands are able to deliver those values to anyone that is looking for something unique and authentic.

But in the end of the day, is it worth even buying a handcrafted product? Sure it is! Handcrafted products like Beatnik & Sons backpacks deliver much more than its mass-produced counterparts.

• Product with character
Different from mass-produced backpacks where all the pieces are totally equal, the artisanal work makes each piece unique. Each one of Beatnik & Sons backpacks has its marks coming from the artisans' way of working on the piece. It is their identity in it. This way, each traveller that carries a Beatnik & Sons backpack is also carrying a product that has history.

• Far superior quality
While in mass-produced brands, agility, productivity and cost-cutting are key, on a handcrafted operation, those factors are the consequence of a work that is 100% quality-focused. 
At Beatnik & Sons every process is carefully executed. From the choice of the best piece of Full-grain Leather to the cut and seam, all the manufacturing process is done so we can deliver the best backpacks.

• Manufactured by people for people
When you own a handcrafted Beatnik & Sons product you are being part of a movement that is generating jobs and income for families in need of assistance. Our manufacturing chain is made of certified tanneries in the South of Brazil that deliver full-grain Grade A leather to the hand of our artisans at our Atelier. People like you and me that love backpacks the same way we do.

Find more about our handcrafted backpacks here.

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